Can I Bring Badminton Racket To Airplane?

Can I Bring Badminton Racket To Airplane?

Badminton is a fun-filled game played all over the world. It is a versatile game which has no age-related limitations. It is a non-contact sports game which does not involve any physical contact between two players.

The game does not require a lot of equipment. You just need two badminton rackets and a shuttlecock. The players smash the shuttlecock with the rackets and exchange strokes with each other. The best badminton rackets are an important part of the game. They have different sizes and weights. You can see details by reading on

If you are traveling abroad, you might be wondering if you could travel with your badminton racket. Instead of buying a new set of rackets, you’d want to take your own badminton rackets along.

We have prepared this guide for you to answer your question. Can I bring badminton racket to an airplane? Let’s dig deep into the air travel rules before answering your question.

Can I Bring Badminton Racket To Airplane

Air Travel Rules

Are you planning to travel with your badminton racket? You might want to check the air travel rules of the airline you are traveling with. Subject to a few restrictions you are allowed to carry your badminton racket on an airplane.

However, all airlines have different traveling rules. These rules are set according to the Transportation Security Administration Policy. Keeping in consideration the basic rules of TSA, the airlines set their own rules according to their own capacity.

One airline might allow you to carry your racket with your carry-on-luggage while another might have restricted rules for bringing your badminton racket on board. It is better for you to check before time with your airline whether they allow you to carry a badminton racket while traveling.

Transportation Security Administration

After the attack of 9/11, security was a major cause of concern for all the domestic and international airlines. Transportation Security Administration Agency was formed in November 2001 to manage the security functions.

Before the massive explosion of 9/11, most airlines had random security checks. They did not even have effective security screening equipment. TSA tightened the air travel security to have an optimal safety. Do you have a badminton tournament abroad?

If you are wondering whether you can take your racket to the airplane you can view the published the list of prohibited items on the airplane. Read on to learn about the limitations of taking your badminton racket to the airplane

Badminton Racket To Airplane

TSA limitations

TSA has set air travel rules to carry different items on the plane. It is better for you to know beforehand which item is allowed or not. TSA prohibits bringing sports item in the cabin which can be used as a weapon. A cricket bat, a tennis racket, a golf club is allowed on the airplane but you cannot carry them in your carry-on luggage.

As far as the badminton rackets are concerned, you are allowed to take them along while traveling by air. However, there are some restrictions.

  • Your badminton racket should meet the maximum weight and size criteria (different airlines have different size and weight limitations). The standard weight should not be more than 30kg.
  • Your badminton racket should be safe
  • It should pass the screening process.
  • They are allowed in your check-in luggage.

Bear in mind, that you can only carry a limited number of badminton rackets. An airline might not allow you more than 2 badminton rackets. It depends on its storage capacity. It has also the authority to refuse you to carry it with you.

The airport crew has the right to not allow you the badminton racket on an airplane if they find it unsafe. Moreover, all airlines have different limitations. Some airlines allow you to take your badminton racket with the travel luggage.

Security Concern

In an attempt to protect their passengers from accidents and mishaps, security is the top priority of the airlines all over the world. They are implementing enhanced security rules to make sure that their passengers are safe.

For this reason, you might wonder whether it is allowed to travel with a badminton racket or not? To avoid extended wait time, it is better for you to do your research. You can check the list of prohibited items of different airlines. You can choose to travel with the one which allows you to carry a badminton racket.

Badminton Racket Allowance

You have to follow the airline rules to bring your badminton racket to the airplane. Before your trip, make sure that you examine the regulations of the airline carefully. Every airline has a different badminton racket allowance you have to pay.

The fee is normally non-refundable. The weight of your racket should not exceed 30 kg. If it exceeds 20 kg you’ll have to pay additional charges. Some airlines allow you to carry your sports equipment without any charges if you have a business ticket.


It is better for you to plan ahead before taking your racket on the airplane. You will be able to save yourself from a lot of trouble. Pack your racket properly as required by the airline you are traveling with. Make sure that you put it in the right luggage.

You’ll waste your time if you put your racket on a carry-on luggage. Be prepared to go through additional screening of your badminton racket. If the airline refuses to allow you to take the badminton racket with you, it is better for you to follow the rules. You might have to suffer from civil penalties if your racket fails the screening process.

We have prepared this guide to help you find answers to your question. We hope that our guide has been helpful for you in deciding whether to take your badminton racket on an airplane or not. Make sure that you keep in mind the rules and regulations of TSA.

You don’t want to put yourself in trouble by going against the rules of TSA. Otherwise, you’ll have to suffer from serious consequence.  If your airline does not allow you to take the badminton racket with you, you can always buy a new one.

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